Our Team Members

Chief Inspiring Officer (CIO)
Atif Masood Chaudhry is the man behind the idea of Mega Vision. It was he whose visionary eyes dreamt of a corporate world that fosters more positivity and beauty of action. With a systematic pace, he is heading toward the goals and objectives he had set while founding Mega Vision Group. His futurist personality embedded with entrepreneurial qualities and skills is the major driving force for his team that is committed to achieve the targeted point as an organization. Consistency and persistency are the heart of his personality that makes him a successful entrepreneur. With a grip and command of his team, he infuses a new zeal in his team. His visionary direction and high motivation keep the team resolute.
Atif Masood Choudhary recapitulates a wide experience of leadership skills and motivation speaking at public platform and institutions. Mastering over motivational theories, he sets himself with the human beings with all their diversities of professions, talents, cultures, and instincts. With his degree of MBA from UMT, Lahore, he has earned his experience in managerial positions and achieved organizational goals as Marketing Manager, Zonal Manager, Filed Sales Manager, and Manager Director. With his unique entrepreneurial skills, he is one of the top-notch professionals who are the most dynamic professionals with diverse set of skills.


Business Development Manager
“A highly motivated Business Development Manager with a strong track record of successfully driving corporate growth and strategic business development within various international market segments”.


Creative Designer
“He is creative graphic designer specializing in luxury brand development with multidisciplinary experience refining the brand story with illustration, print and interactive design”.


Communication Strategist and Senior Life Coach
He is specialized in setting strategic direction by transforming business in a collaborative culture. His executive track record has produced exceptional results. He has coached on variety of issues in a wide spectrum of industries. His extraordinary ability to address a variety of issue simultaneously makes the difference in keeping the company competitive. He is among few communication strategist who brings fame to this segment because of his dedication and passion. He spent half of life helping and fostering industries by empowering top executive with new innovative and creative tools and strategies that never failed. He challenges by setting new norms and standards of executive coaching and communication strategy.


Life Coach
Zahra Rasheed has multi year experience in the field of counseling and health wellbeing best practices. Zahra’s special passion is to make the world a better place to live by assisting individuals in captaining their destinies; whether that means fostering their relationships with their families, directing their focus to achieve their goals, relieving emotional or financial distress to making profound contributions to their communities and country.


Chief Finance Officer
He is considered as an authority in new venture development. He remained an active consultant to number of companies in the capacity of strategic, operational and financial consultant. He was founder, director at Global Foundation for SME Development Pakistan (GSMED). He served as Chief executive officer at Global Business Consulting (GBC). His tenure as national consultant at United Nations Industrial Development Organization brought glory and fortune for local business community.


Director Strategic Direction & Planning
If you could arrange one consultant for your company and he is Shoaib Ahmed Dillon you have reached the best every decision. UAE is hub of all commercial activities and one can find den of finest consultant in the world. This is the reason Shoaib has base himself in UAE other than in any country. He has multi year experience in the industry of Automotive, supply chain management, collection and retrieval strategies, international war & defense strategies.


Director Mass Media Management
Nasrullah Warraic is a TV anchor, social worker businessman and renowned Public figure of Nottingham, United Kingdom.


Director Software & Virtual Solutions
He is a visionary technologist. Throughout his career he credited to lead and develop innovative technology products and on-line services. He is considered as guru in technology planning, designing and developing virtual corporate direction.


Director CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Saima Ashraf is a social activist. She is one of the top internationally-known icons who have devoted their lives for the sake of special people in the world. Associated with Mega Vision Group that is committed to gathering up all special people at one platform, she is enthusiastic to contribute to the world making big changes into the realm of minds around the globe. With “Adret”, her novel about the special people, which has been appreciated by the audience from all walks of life, she has taken a pragmatic step towards her noble cause. She enjoys the credit of initiating several patrol programs on an international level from the platform of Mega Vision Group. Currently, she is heading the strategic direction of Corporate Social Responsibility under Mega Vision. Passionate to work for the special people across frontiers, she is consistently on her way to achieving her goals of making the world more lucrative for these people.


Director Spiritual Linkage
When divinity and professional excellence join together, humans are uplifted to the higher echelons of insight and vision. And when a medic is gifted with spirituality, he carries the legacy of the prophets. Dr. Tahir Sajjad is one of those professionals who made their mark not only with their academics but with the divinity that picked him to serve the purpose of humanity and spirituality leading to the immortal success. Divinity comes down to him to heal the patients with physical as well as spiritual ills.

His authority is to Monitor and Evaluate business operations if it is align with Corporate Social Responsibility and Spiritual Linkage frame work. The operation is not limited to business by its nature and its scope is extended to office bearer’s day to day business operations. He Monitors board of directors; teach and train them, the best practices which brings spiritual healing and harmony. He have to certify every new business unit of Mega Vision if it meets the required standards.  He has direct and autonomous access and authority to interfere all business operations to make sure if all standards set by him are fully followed.  In some cases he have to interact with on-line life coaching customers and see if they need spiritual guidance and healing.

Following is only a glance and not limited to many of his position he claimed through his life venture:
Dr.Muhammad Tahir Sajjad
M.B.B.S.(Nishtar)F.S.(MEXICO)M.S.(ENGLAND)Monitoring &Evaluation(LONDON)T.CM.Hospital Management(CHINA)Ex-Member GARD,WHO
Ex-Senior Deputy Director General Health, Hospitals, PH, PHC, Pharmacovigilaince, Tradition/Homeo-Medicine of Devolved-Ministry of Health,
Health Wing,Ministry of Inter provincial Coordination
Ex-Joint Executive Director Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences,
Ex-Secretary Pakistan Medical Research Council, ISLAMABAD
Ex-Elected Secretary General PCSIR ECHS Lahore.